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​Pro tip - trigger leverage

​Pro tip - trigger leverage

Posted by Wesley Lagomarsino on May 23rd 2020

Pro tip - trigger leverage

Most handguns (1911's excluded) have triggers that pivot on a fulcrum point. That being the case, you should treat the trigger as a lever ... because it is a lever. Leverage, or mechanical advantage, is exponentially improved the further you get away from the fulcrum point. That means you can reduce the amount of poundage required to move the trigger towards you, by placing your index finger low on the trigger face. Summing that up, your trigger pull is lighter when you use the lowest part of your finger, on the lowest part of the trigger.

If this is new to you, you'll need to practice everyday, to memorize a consistent placement. You'll want to select the lowest point on the trigger face that avoids pain or discomfort. Then, find one or two very precise, tactile reference points that you consciously feel each time you move your finger to your maximized spot on the trigger. Last, you'll want to move your finger to and from the trigger slowly for the first thousand or so reps. Fast movement has a wider standard deviation. You'll want to memorize a very precise range of motion and placement, so you can take advantage of this natural, built-in engineering. As you get this memorized to your subconscious, you'll be glad you put in the time and effort, because the trigger movement aspect of shooting will be much easier.

I hope this helps and I especially hope you're practicing frequently.

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