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​Pro tip - COVID mask carry

​Pro tip - COVID mask carry

Posted by Wesley Lagomarsino on Jun 27th 2020

Pro tip - COVID mask carry

One of the most common questions I have been fielding lately is, "Is it legal or illegal to carry my gun (with a CCW of course) and wear a COVID mask?". I hope this gets around enough so people don't leave their guns at home because of a misunderstanding of a simple code. Here's how it's written:
CA PC 25300(a) - A person commits criminal possession of a firearm when the person carries a firearm in a public place or on any public street while masked so as to hide the person's identity.
After that, there are a few exemptions specifically listed but, none that cover our exact situation. The key reason California Penal Code 25300(a) does not apply to those of us carrying handguns with our CCW's, while wearing these silly COVID masks, is that we are not masked so as to hide our identities. We are masked to protect society against the sticky flu and/or to appease our overreacting, ignorant politicians and their loyal sheep, I mean followers, I mean constituents ... yeah that's what I meant. Anyway, so long as you don't go announcing to anyone, ever, that you are masked so as to hide your identity, there's no violation.

I hope this clears up any nonsense that was touted to you by some well-meaning naysayer. Please forward this to them so they too can be enlightened with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Wesley Lagomarsino

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