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Ultra Appendix Holster

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With our passion for innovative design we bring you the Ultra Appendix Holster.   With the multiple angles found in the Negative Angle Platform TM, we are able to tuck the grip of the firearm closer to the body for a high level of concealment.  This platform allows us to maintain a minimalist design which adds in the overall comfort for the appendix carry position. The angled thigh pad on the back side has contoured edges and a thigh relief cut these features eliminates pressure points commonly found in appendix holsters.    

Comfort, Concealment, Quality and above all Functional the Ultra Appendix is packed with cutting edge features not traditional found in Kydex Holsters.


What to expect?

-       Negative Angle Platform TM; this platform found on the front of the holster adds a tucking pressure to pull the butt of the gun towards the body, which aids in the level of concealment value.

-       Two-belt clip system provides stability while building your grip and assists in weapon retention.

-       Front overhang ledge for one handed charging of firearm.

-       4 points of adjustable retention.

-       Angled thigh pad on back with rounded edges to provide comfort.

-       Thigh relief cut on non-light baring models for additional appendix carry comfort.

-       Proper ride height to allow for a full grip purchase of the firearm.

-       Additional belt clip supplied with each holster to adjust for a lower ride height.


See video tap above:






67 Reviews

  • 5
    Great Appendix Holster from a Great Company

    Posted by Brett B. on Jul 27th 2020

    I have been using this holster for more than a year, and it does everything I need my holster to do, at a reasonable price with the best service on the planet. I purchased it originally without the combat cut, attended a class where Precision Holster personnel also attended, and they offered to modify the holster with the combat cut. Imagine my surprise when I was unable to pay for the service, or the shipping! These people are great to work with, and want to help you if you have any concerns or questions. If Precision Holsters doesn’t have it, I don’t need it!

  • 5
    Ultra Appendix holster

    Posted by John Palmer on Jul 6th 2020

    Holster ordered is for a Wilson Combat EDC X9. Not only does the holster work beautifully for the intended pistol, but also perfectly accommodates a Wilson Combat 4" 1911 without a rail. As an another bones, by slightly loosening the tensioning screws, it works equally well with a Wilson $' 1911 with a rail. The holster is well made with quality materials and the design is well thought out. The belt clips are very positive and their positioning spread the weight of the holster out adequately, not allowing the pistol to rotate, shift or for the holster to work its way loose. The draw from the holster is smooth and reholstering is accomplished easily with the pistol(s) locking in positively without any binding. A great piece of kit from a very responsive company. I will buy the same model holster from them for my other carry pistols.

  • 5
    Finally, an AIWB holster that is comfortable and secure

    Posted by Chris on Jun 30th 2020

    Like most of you, I have a bucket of holsters I have tried over the years. I wanted to try AIWB carry with my M&P shield, and always found it to be uncomfortable or the holster too bulky or my gun was too high or too low, etc. On Mike Seeklander's recommendation, I gave the Precision Holster a try and I have to say it delivers. I am able to wear it comfortably all day long and have no issues sitting in the car or being jabbed in the leg or stomach when seated. It's like the 3 little piggies story, this one just fit right... Now hopping they make one for the M&P compact...

  • 5
    Ultra appendix rh

    Posted by Matt Eddy on Jun 8th 2020

    I purchased this holster after hearing high praise from others who had it and have heard about it for months on a.w.s. Without a doubt, the best appendix holster i have used. Perfect retention level. Very comfortable for an appendix holster, even seated. I highly recommend this product. I will be buying another soon for my 43. Thanks Matt

  • 5
    Ultra Appendix

    Posted by Sean C on May 29th 2020

    Initial thoughts in first week...Great work! Compared to a couple other well known brands, this holster just fits well. It does not have extra bulk and holds tight. The angled design works very well to hide better than others. And it is very comfortable. Could use a bit better/finer ride height adjustability and a few color options for various guns, but that’s nitpicking. You got it right with the fit, function, and price point from what I’ve seen.

  • 5
    Ultra holster

    Posted by Mike Matz on May 16th 2020

    Very well made, company was great to deal with.

  • 5

    Posted by Peter Mac Kenzie on May 9th 2020

    Excellent holster and I recommend them. I purchased one to carry my Kimber CDP Ultra 45 ACP 3 in barrel in. I have found that Appendix holsters with 2 belt loops are much more stable than ones that clip on the belt. In these, the holster can rotate with relation to the belt making it almost impossible to get your hand on the gun to be able to draw and fire it without repositioning it in your hand. Having to reposition the gun can cost a second or more at the wrong time. I dropped my first killing shot time on an IDPA at 10 yards, from 3.5 seconds with a clip on holster to less than 2.25 seconds with a dual belt loop holster. I timed these using my shot timer. I am a senior citizen and my reaction times are not as good as they used to be. Its tough to get old. The time to draw from this holster is almost as fast as from my competition holster. It also positions the gun tight against your body which helps to hide it. While the are not as inexpensive as some Kydex holsters, I believe thy will give you better performance when it counts

  • 5
    Ultra Appendix

    Posted by Greg Buban on May 4th 2020

    Like most others customers, I have a drawer of AIWB holsters. This is by far the best. I've modified all my others, even made some myself but I can't get the angles that you have. I've padded the lower front on my others and that helps push the grip in but I really wanted a holster I didn't need to "Fix". And your attention to detail is terrific. Like the angle cut on the back clip...accomplishes little but it follows the lines in the designs and just looks good. Great job and thanks to Mike Seeklander for the referral.

  • 5
    Ultra Appendix Holster

    Posted by Terry K on Feb 25th 2020

    I have tried other holsters in the past and this holster secures my P238 very well and is the most comfortable IWB holster I have used!