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Ultra Appendix Holster

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With our passion for innovative design we bring you the Ultra Appendix Holster.   With the multiple angles found in the Negative Angle Platform TM, we are able to tuck the grip of the firearm closer to the body for a high level of concealment.  This platform allows us to maintain a minimalist design which adds in the overall comfort for the appendix carry position. The angled thigh pad on the back side has contoured edges and a thigh relief cut these features eliminates pressure points commonly found in appendix holsters.    

Comfort, Concealment, Quality and above all Functional the Ultra Appendix is packed with cutting edge features not traditional found in Kydex Holsters.


What to expect?

-       Negative Angle Platform TM; this platform found on the front of the holster adds a tucking pressure to pull the butt of the gun towards the body, which aids in the level of concealment value.

-       Two-belt clip system provides stability while building your grip and assists in weapon retention.

-       Front overhang ledge for one handed charging of firearm.

-       4 points of adjustable retention.

-       Angled thigh pad on back with rounded edges to provide comfort.

-       Thigh relief cut on non-light baring models for additional appendix carry comfort.

-       Proper ride height to allow for a full grip purchase of the firearm.

-       Additional belt clip supplied with each holster to adjust for a lower ride height.


See video tap above:






70 Reviews

  • 5
    Ultra Appendix Holster

    Posted by Larry on Jan 19th 2024

    Very pleased. This is my second. Weapon is locked in and very secure (tension is fully adjustable.) Although pretty stiff, the belt clips are very solid & secure once in place.

  • 5

    Posted by Walter W Peterson on Jan 13th 2024

    Precision Holsters is the only one I trust for my daily carry needs. Excellent quality and fit.

  • 5
    Comfortable/speed of service

    Posted by Mark Troutner on Oct 11th 2023

    Great holster and great company. Appreciate everything you do.

  • 5
    Ultra Appendix Holster

    Posted by Steven on Feb 7th 2023

    Fits my Wilson Combat EDC X9 perfectly and is very comfortable.

  • 5
    43x Ultra Appendix

    Posted by Manny on Dec 29th 2022

    Very well made. Actually wore it all day, to the range. Even took a nap with it…lol. Very comfortable appendix holster. Retention is really nice and snappy. Thank you!

  • 5
    Ultra Appendix Holster

    Posted by Lloyd Brumfield on Oct 23rd 2022

    I am very pleased with this Holster. The design, construction and fit is more than I could ask for. Precision Holsters Customer service was very easy to work with. This was my first appendix holster and I was concerned about the fit to my Kimber SIS Pro with Crimson Trace laser grips. They were able to make a slight modification to the holster and making it look as if it was always meant to fit the laser grip. You won’t go wrong choosing a Precision Holsters product.

  • 5
    Ultra Appendix IWB Holster for the S&W Sield Plus

    Posted by Allen Kelly on Oct 18th 2022

    This holster is amazing. It fits my S&W Shield Plus with excellent fit, finish and retention. It does not interfere with the attached red dot nor prohibits function and acquiring proper grip. I tested it with my first Gen Shield with no problems. Precision Holsters has another winner!!!!

  • 5
    Ultra Appendix Holster

    Posted by Richard French on Sep 11th 2022

    I am more then pleased with this holster. The design does work at pushing the gun in. It doesn't need a wedge or wing\claw. I have other holsters that work almost as good but, and a big but, with no wedge or wing there isn't that additional push outward of the entire holster that happens. So, for me, it conceals better. Overall it just plain works. I ended up using the longer belt clip to give it a cant. I have a Sig. P365X with Wilson Combat grip and the fit is perfect. It has a nice solid click and retention is great. I wore it for the first time outside the home yesterday for several hours, most of that was sitting down and it was perfectly fine. When I stood back up, I had no printing and there was no feeling that I need to readjust, the belt clips on this holster are aggressive, they are very strong and solid on my nexbelt gun belt, and they hold on well. It's my new go to holster for sure. Stats: 5' 10" and 180lbs so on the slimmer side not a lot of belly fat. I carry Appendix only, more towards the center at 12:00. I wear a nexbelt gunbelt (no holes) also, which is very important in all this. A good belt is a MUST! I am also trying out the 5.11 pants which I am liking a lot for EDC of my gear.

  • 4
    Ultra AIWB

    Posted by Luis Gonzalez on Sep 1st 2022

    Arrived less than a week. It’s somewhat bulky, but still need time to get used to it. Edges are a bit sharply but tolerable.