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Phast Seeklander Signature Edition

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Seeklander Edition:

Mike Seeklander is a world class competitive shooter / founder of  Mike has taken our PHAST holster and added some of his own personal additions, continuing the evolution of holster design. 


Designed specifically for competition, the PHAST holster system is adaptable for multiple shooting sports, with optional belt hangers. Using a blend of our manufacturing capabilities and the science of shooting fundamentals we're able to bring our customers the PHAST ( Precision Holster Advanced Shooting Technology) holster. Our focus in the development stages was to bring the user an uninhibited hand placement for rapid grip development with a fast and snag free draw. Consulting with Mike Seeklander, gave us the input and experience that added a multitude of finishing touches.  

Customizable to your needs and aesthetics, the PHAST holster is going to have you looking good and shooting to your full potential!



- Reduced materials for proper hand placement and faster outs 

- Tune your retention level and still maintain a smooth snag free draw. "No need to tune retention before and after stages"

- Designed with a reduction in retention during and only during the draw process

- Rigidity where needed, flexibility where necessary


IDPA Legal with optional DOTS Hanger 

USPSA legal with or without BOSS Hanger

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