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Freeze on new concealed weapons permits in Sacramento County

May 11th 2016

All new applications for a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Sacramento County are on hold until July, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said."It's costing me my safety," said Mariah Rivera, a college student whose appointment with the Concealed Weapons Unit was abruptly canceled by ema …

Concealed gun permits soar in Sacramento County

Apr 23rd 2016

When Scott Jones became sheriff of Sacramento County in 2010, there were approximately 350 civilians licensed to carry concealed handguns in the county. Today there are nearly 8,000.That means statistically, in any sizable gathering – at the grocery store, a ballgame or church – at least one person …

Precision Holsters Ultra Carry Holster Review

Posted by Frank De Balogh on Jan 26th 2016

Precision Holsters Ultra Carry for Glock 19.“By far the quality of this holster is fantastic. The holster is durable with contact on a daily basis placing the weapon in and out of the holster. No scratches or blemishes so it looks brand new, even though its been in use.In our security profession tha …