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PHAST Competition Holster

Designed specifically for competition, the PHAST holster system is adaptable for multiple shooting sports, with optional belt hangers. Using a blend of our manufacturing capabilities and...


$79.00 - $92.00
Our hybrid Outside the Waistband Holsters are designed with features to give you the comfort and confidence that's required for an all day carry. Our unique clip-on system allows for an easy on and...

Leather Gun Belt

Your belt is just as important as your new holster for your ultra conceal carry lifestyle. At Precision Holsters, we cut and hand make premium hard rolled leather belts with a stitched cross grain...

Ultra Appendix Holster

With our passion for innovative design we bring you the Ultra Appendix Holster.   With the multiple angles found in the Negative Angle Platform TM, we are able to tuck the grip of the...

Ultra Carry "IWB"

  With nearly eight years of great reviews and customer feedback.     The Ultra Carry has been designed with unique features to provide you with a higher level of comfort and...

Ultra Carry Elite "IWB"

Built off the much desired Ultra Carry platform and packed with the same great features.   The difference between the Ultra Carry and the Ultra Carry Elite is the amount of...

Vertical / Horizontal Mag Pouches

Our advanced Mag Pouches gives you the features to provide confidence and comfort for your conceal carry needs. This universal Mag Pouch allows you to carry it left or right-handed, vertical or...