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​Pro tip - the big 3

​Pro tip - the big 3

Posted by Wesley Lagomarsino on May 8th 2020

Pro tip - the big 3

The big 3 fundamentals that have to happen if you want to hit what you're shooting at are grip, sights, and trigger ... in that order. I'm not trying to take away from any other shooting fundamentals but, these 3 are what you do immediately before shooting every time you:

- draw from the holster
- pick a gun up
- move to a different position
- reload
- clear a malfunction
- and more
Grip, sights, and trigger are what you should be thinking whenever you're about to shoot. Ask yourself:
1. Do I have my hands placed correctly and the appropriate pressure turned on enough to satisfy the elements of a good grip?
2. Are the sights aligned with each other and with the target and am I looking at the sights to the necessary amount of focus?
3. Is my finger placed correctly on the trigger face and am I increasing pressure on the trigger at the right speed, without changing anything in my grip pressure?
If yes to all of these, you will achieve amazing shots and impressive recoil control.
Every time I shoot a gun or even dry practice, I think GRIP, SIGHTS, TRIGGER.

Everything begins and ends with "grip", then "sights", then "trigger". When you draw from the holster ... after you reload ... after you clear a malfunction ... as you're entering a shooting position ... you must reestablish your grip, see the sights to the appropriate intensity of focus, and move the trigger at the appropriate speed given the difficulty of the shots. Dig deep in these basic areas and you'll become a phenomenal shooter. This helps you practice with more purpose and ultimately perform better.

As always, I hope this helps. Practice as much as you possibly can. You don't get to pick when bad guys choose to attack.


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