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​Pro tip - public transit carry

​Pro tip - public transit carry

Posted by Wesley Lagomarsino on Jan 21st 2021

Can I carry on a city bus?

Can I carry on BART?

Can I carry in a BART station?

Can I carry on this or that public transit?

I've been getting these questions a lot lately. I decided it would be best to publish the accurate and thorough response here. Summed up, a CA CCW holder can legally carry concealed, any gun listed on their valid CA CCW permit, on or in public transit facilities. By definition in CA 171.7(a)(1), this includes any land, building, equipment, station, public transit route, motor vehicles, streetcars, trackless trolleys, buses, light rail, rapid transit system, subways, trains, and jitneys. The exemption I'm referring to is found in CA PC 171.7(c)(2), cross referenced with CA PC 25655, which applies to anyone who has a permit issued pursuant to CA PC 26150, which is how the Sheriff issues each of us our CA CCW.

Here are the links to the CA Penal Codes mentioned above, as published by our CA Legislative Office:

- CA PC 171.7 -

- CA PC 25655 -

- CA PC 26150 -

Glad I could help.

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