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​Pro tip - program the subconscious mind

​Pro tip - program the subconscious mind

Posted by Wesley Lagomarsino on Jun 13th 2020

Pro tip - program the subconscious mind

While teaching courses is how I make my living, I will be the first to say that taking firearms courses is an incomplete formula to learning the necessary skill sets; it's merely the beginning. We should all strive to program our subconscious minds with safe and efficient processes of operating firearms, if we're going to take on the responsibility of owning them. The subconscious can only accomplish complex neural transmission in the correct order, such as the combination of muscle contractions it takes to operate a firearm, when one has performed more than 10,000 repetitions, over at least a 6 month period of time, with no more than 72 hours off in-between sets of reps.

I commonly see people come out to classes where they attempt a CCW or LE qualification and perform poorly. The worst part about it is that they seem to not know why. The most common statement is, "You should have seen me shoot the other day". That statement indicates that with the tiny bit of anxiety that they put on themselves during their performance in front of me, their regular ability subsided substantially. Imagine how they would perform under the stress of a real life encounter, with someone attacking them and bystanders in the background!!

We have to take this seriously enough to prioritize our learning process and be reasonable about the amount of time and consistent effort it takes to see improvement. In conclusion, we need to take a class. During the class, pick up what to practice and how to practice. Then, go practice, dry and live, to the frequency mentioned above. When you feel that you're no longer improving, take another class. In other words, don't just take classes and don't just practice. Appropriately do both.

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