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​Pro tip - grip pressure timing

​Pro tip - grip pressure timing

Posted by Wesley Lagomarsino on Jun 22nd 2020

Most people who shoot handguns produce inconsistent shot groups. Typically, such inconsistency occurs because of changes to grip pressure at the wrong timing. Changes to grip pressure need to happen at the ready position (while the arms and gun are retracted). It should be considered a cardinal sin to adjust grip pressure while the gun is pointed in (extended toward your intended target). If you wholeheartedly follow this rule, you will be a better shooter.

Here's a drill that will help you memorize the correct timing.

- Turn grip pressure on at the ready position

- Extend your arms and the gun

- Fire 1 to 5 shots with no changes to your grip pressure

- Retract your arms and the gun back to the ready position

- Finally, turn grip pressure off

- Repeat until you experience fatigue

Varying the round count is always a good idea so you don't get the competition shooter's flaw of shooting 2 rounds and losing your grip. Success in this drill has nothing to do with where the shots printed on the target but rather, whether or not you turned grip pressure on and off at the correct timing, with no changes in-between.

That's it for now. Just a simple tip this time however, this tip can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.



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