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​Pro tip - go to your CCW course PREPARED!

​Pro tip - go to your CCW course PREPARED!

Posted by Wesley Lagomarsino on Nov 9th 2020

Too many people arrive at their CCW course with anxiety. Anxiety is the result of being unprepared. You should most certainly practice the exact course of fire that your issuing agency mandates, multiple times throughout the two years in-between your mandated classes. This will help you identify your efficiencies and deficiencies. Then, you should work on whatever you're deficient in as often as you can (both dry & live). Also, consider taking elective classes, especially on the topics that you need help in. Last, get your equipment prepared and tuned before you arrive at your CCW class. Test day is not the time to adjust the tension on your holster and especially not the time to try out new equipment. I guess I should also mention to bring ammo that actually works in your gun. It's ridiculous to watch people bumble around with faulty or inappropriate equipment and/or undeveloped skill, while trying to pass their qualification. It's even more ridiculous when their lack of preparedness (anxiety) causes them to become downright dangerous on the range. You do not want this to be you.

Here's what you need:

- Note pad & pen

- Eye protection

- Ear protection

- Billed hat (to keep casings off of your face and neck)

- Clothing and footwear appropriate to a range environment

- Ammo that works in your gun (always bring more than you'll possibly use)

- Functioning firearms (test them extensively before your qualification)

- Lots of functioning magazines (semi-autos) or speedloaders (revolvers)

- High quality, rigid belt that fits the clips on your holster - I highly recommend the Precision Tactical Nylon Concealed Carry Belt

- High quality holsters (dual clip design) - I highly recommend Precision Holsters Ultra Carry (combat cut, 2.0 backing) or their Ultra Appendix

- Skill in drawing from the holster

- Skill in weight distribution, posture, grip, sights, and trigger movement

- Skill in empty chamber reloading

- Drinks & snacks

- All mandated paperwork (Sacramento & El Dorado counties) or respective area.

- A great attitude!

If you prepare, you will enjoy your CCW course. If you don't, you won't. It will be a chore and you will perform way worse than you normally do. Furthermore, you might even get kicked off the firing line for doing something dangerous. Success occurs in everything in life when opportunity and preparedness meet.

The attached pics were taken during a private, Sacramento CCW renewal course at Hangtown Range in Placerville, CA. Thank you to Josh Slater (Instructor & Range Manager) for an excellent course, in a fun and safe environment.

Take care,


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