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New Ultra Appendix Kydex Holster for High Level Concealment

New Ultra Appendix Kydex Holster for High Level Concealment

Oct 10th 2018

With our passion for innovative design we bring you the Ultra Appendix Holster. With the multiple angles found in the Negative Angle Platform TM, we are able to tuck the grip of the firearm closer to the body for a high level of concealment. This platform allows us to maintain a minimalist design which adds in the overall comfort for the appendix carry position. The angled thigh pad on the back side has contoured edges and a thigh relief cut these features eliminates pressure points commonly found in appendix holsters.

Comfort, Concealment, Quality and above all Functional the Ultra Appendix is packed with cutting edge features not traditional found in Kydex Holsters.

What to expect?

- Negative Angle Platform TM; this platform found on the front of the holster adds a tucking pressure to pull the butt of the gun towards the body, which aids in the level of concealment value.

- Two-belt clip system provides stability while building your grip and assists in weapon retention.

- Front overhang ledge for one handed charging of firearm.

- 4 points of adjustable retention.

- Angled thigh pad on back with rounded edges to provide comfort.

- Thigh relief cut on non-light baring models for additional appendix carry comfort.

- Proper ride height to allow for a full grip purchase of the firearm.

- Additional belt clip supplied with each holster to adjust for a lower ride height.