Ultra Carry "IWB"

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Leather Cut Options -See Description Below *
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The Ultra Carry has been designed with unique features to provide you with a higher level of comfort and confidence. Its patented design allows for the holster to assist in pulling the butt of the firearm grip towards the body, resulting in a more concealment.  Each holster shell is precision formed to your specific gun model resulting in the perfect fit. The overall minimalist design with its premium cowhide leather backing will provide you with hours of comfort. The ride height has been set to allow for a full grip purchase, however the forward CANT and hide height is adjustable. Several adjustments are provided for you to personalize the holster to your preference.


 Constructed of the finest materials, Machine formed, hand crafted & assembled for superior fit and finish. 

 Ultra Carry

  • Adjustable cant 0-10 degrees
  • Adjustable retention
  • Flared opening for smooth quick draw and easy holstering
  • Can be worn  Appendix to 4 O'clock
  • Fits 1.5 inch belts
  • Shirt tuck-able for any attire
  • Built for superior comfort and durability
  • Finest drum dyed veg. tanned leather


Preferred carry position  

Ultra Carry - Appendix  to 4 O'clock 

Ultra Carry Elite - 3 O'clock to small of back

The difference between the Ultra Carry and the Ultra Carry Elite is the amount of forward Cant available.   Ultra Carry smaller leather backing Cant's from 0-10 degrees. Ultra Carry Elite larger backing allowing for 0-20 degrees of Cant.


Leather descriptions

* 1.0 Natural cowhide leather backing

The 1.0 backing is cowhide leather with the front dyed in black the back is natural and buffed to a soft touch. 

* 2.0 Stoned oil cowhide

The 2.0 backing is a combination of leathers on the gun side we use a black dyed cowhide and the body side we use a stone oil cowhide this leather is conditioned with oils and waxes to make for a very soft touch.  The two leathers are glued and sewn together. 

* Standard cut - The standard cut leather keeps the gun off the body and is cut so that you can get a confirmed grip.  See pictures

Combat cut - Removing the top portion of the backing.  Some users prefer this cut as it makes it faster to accomplish a confirmed grip. However you may lose some comfort as the top inch or so of the firearm may come in contact with the body.  See pictures 

US Patent # D708,438 S





Reviews (24)

Fred May 28th 2018

Ultra Carry IWB

I call the company and cold not ask for nicer people. The customer service is fantastic! I purchased the Ultra Carry IWB with 1.0 leather backing on the web. Shipped fast.. Would not trade it for the world. It is easy to adjust and does not bother you against your skin. It is comfortable to ware. I would recommend this precision holster to anyone.

George Wood May 8th 2018

Sturdy, Comfortable, & Reliable

I've tried several of the larger more popular brands, and I will say that they are pretty awesome too. It really depends on the where the focus of your carry position is; considering I am most comfortable at 2:30- 3:00 position since it lines up with the same position I use for competing The position of this holster is perfect, with its slim line and combat cut allowing me to draw with a flagged thumb, making my best opportunity for confident grip. I am also a veteran, and everyone should purchase from veterans owned companies, and especially ones with the reputation, representation, and responsibility of Precision Holsters.

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